Investment Sales

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The Investment Sales Division at Price Edwards and Company is comprised of specialty brokers, each of whom is responsible for a specific type of asset class: retail, office, industrial, and multifamily. In addition, each broker is involved in the sale of undeveloped land. Specialization and specific market knowledge within the broader context of the entire commercial real estate market is the foundation of our approach to doing business.

In the real estate brokerage business, results matter the most. To date, Price Edwards has closed over $1 billion in sales transactions.

Successful marketing of commercial real estate is all about getting the most accurate and complete information to as many qualified buyers as possible in the shortest amount of time. As such, Price Edwards and Company involves investment sales brokers across the country in the electronic distribution of property related marketing materials. Further, our database of several thousand proven buyers is constantly being updated and refined to make sure we expose investment listings to as broad an audience as possible.

Price Edwards and Company manages and leases almost ten million square feet of commercial properties and approximately 3,000 apartment units. The Investment Division has, at its disposal, the knowledge and assistance of property managers, leasing agents and physical plant specialists to help analyze information, review marketing materials and field questions from sellers and prospective buyers. Professional and educational designations within the company include MBAs, CPAs, CCIMs, CIPS, RPAs, PEs and CPMs. Price Edwards and Company also maintains memberships in the TCN Worldwide and Chainlinks Retail Advisors organizations.

Technology and its variety of applications are crucial to successful marketing. Price Edwards and Company has an unmatched in–house Information Technology team which plays a key role in generating marketing information to the marketplace. Our five–member IT staff includes a Chief Information Officer, web designer and a graphic artist. They are part of a skilled group which allows Price Edwards to boast a publication and distribution capability which is unmatched either locally or nationally. Every aspect of marketing a property and providing the necessary information to prospective buyers is able to be done electronically. This includes the creation of property specific web sites which contain all property operating information, photos, surveys, title work and other relevant data. This allows timelines from the initial marketing of the asset to the final closing to be compressed and thus create the most efficient process possible for the firm’s clients.

Price Edwards and Company also utilizes a custom software application known as Sharepoint. Sharepoint offers clients a secure, Windows–based, website for the purpose of administrating a smoother closing process. Once an offer is accepted, all documents regarding the transaction can be placed on a Sharepoint site and accessed by the parties to the transaction. Since it is password protected and contains restricted areas, some parties involved can be limited to access only that information that is pertinent to their activities. For this reason, it is considered a secure document vault, a central communication vehicle for all parties involved in the transaction, and a tool to identify all critical dates and deadlines to help assure a smooth transaction for both the buyer and the seller.

In summary, Price Edwards and Company has a proven investment sales staff, the most current technology, and a track record unmatched in the Oklahoma marketplace when it comes to representing clients in the purchase or sale of commercial real estate assets.