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Price Edwards and Company is the premiere leasing and marketing firm of commercial real estate space in Oklahoma. Simply stated, our track record is unmatched by any other company. Many reasons exist for the success of Price Edwards and Company, but the overriding factor is the integrity we bring to all of our business relationships. By communicating with clients up front as to the market position of a particular asset, clearly identifying positive and negative features of that asset, recommending specific capital improvement programs, and projecting realistic lease up horizons, we lay the foundation for long term business relationships and a highly favorable reputation in the marketplace. Today, Price Edwards and Company represents more owners and leases more commercial space than any other real estate firm in the State. Our multi–family division has consistently outperformed the market both in terms of occupancy and financial performance. These results are due to several very important factors which differentiate us from other real estate service providers:

Asset Specialization

Price Edwards and Company provides the unique opportunity for its leasing brokers and staff to specialize in one particular asset type. As a result, our brokers are 100% committed to working on behalf of the firm’s clients to fill up all project vacancies with qualified tenants, as well as renew existing tenants at the highest possible rental rates. Those efforts are not diluted by dealing with other asset types or being involved in brokering the sale of real estate assets.

Market Presence

Price Edwards and Company is the most highly visible commercial real estate firm in Oklahoma. This directly benefits our clients since, many times, leasing prospects call us first to begin their search for commercial space. By having the first opportunity to show space within our portfolio, we have the first, and best, opportunity to close the transaction. Additionally, when prospecting, Price Edwards and Company is a very recognized name which allows our brokers the opportunity to visit with the prospect and determine what its occupancy requirements are and how those needs might be met at one of our listed projects.

For our Multifamily Division, this presence allows us to recruit and maintain high quality site personnel which are the key to success.

Market Knowledge

Price Edwards and Company has committed the resources to make sure we are thoroughly familiar with the local commercial markets. Our market studies provide specific information on virtually every property in the marketplace, analyzes the pace of absorption, and provides meaningful insights into the overall trends occurring in the market. Further, Price Edwards and Company’s tenant database of over 2,500 firms is an invaluable tool to effectively pursue prospects. Database information includes the name, location, square footage, current rental rate, lease expiration date, phone number and primary contact person of each company. This information is continually monitored and updated and allows target marketing by user type, size, lease expiration date, and geographic location. As such, in–house brokers are able to market vacancies in a manner which is both highly efficient and effective.

In conclusion, Price Edwards and Company is unmatched in its dedication, staffing and, above all, track record of leasing space, whether it be office, industrial, retail, or multi–family. As a result, our clients achieve higher occupancies, increased investment returns, and an ability to maximize the residual value of their real estate assets.