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SUPPLY, MEET DEMAND. Multi-Tenant property has had its hay day since first dropping N of 45% of vacancy from 2020-2021 (14.93% vacancy to 8.38%). With the vacancy rate bottoming out at a record-shattering figure of 4.64% in 2022, it appears we may be headed toward stabilization. As any reasonable investor should expect, this sub-sect of the Industrial Market has seen its fair share of renovation and a large amount of spec construction. This race to meet the demand in tandem with a questionable political and economic outlook for the Country has been met with a marginal raise in vacancy to 5.42%. While this figure doesn’t swing the needle to indicate an over-supply in the market, it isn’t something to ignore either. With the Medical Cannabis industry tightening regulations and interest rates rising, this percentage may continue to creep up for a time. Regardless, this market is showing resilience and we believe it will continue to do so... Read More