Do Real Estate Agents Really “Close” Sales?


“Put that coffee down! Coffee is for closers only," is a famous quote from Glengarry Glen Ross, the ‘90s movie about unscrupulous real estate agents selling Florida swampland to un-educated buyers. In the film, “Closing” a sale implies manipulation of a buyer that forces him into some type of Vulcan mind-melded word-corner until he breaks down and buys. This is far from the truth.

When an agent acts this way you end up with distrust at best, but most likely rejection or a delaying tactic. There are books, lectures and self-proclaimed experts on the “puppy dog close,” or the “red herring gambit,” or about three hundred other techniques to pry the checkbook out of the customer’s pocket. It is my experience that people who play in the commercial real estate sandbox can smell manipulation a mile away. 

What they want is an honest, engaged professional to answer their questions directly in a conversational fashion. To RECEIVE a sale is the reward to the salesperson. The reward is earned by providing reasons to buy. By being friendly, an engaged listener, and self-confident, you should be able to determine where your buyer perceives value in your product. Instead of trying to close every deal, try to be of service to your client first and receive the sale.