For July of 2020, Price Edwards & Company had a total of 28 transactions. We had a total sales volume of $2,475,000 and we leased a total of 62,167 SF. We are thankful for the transactions we completed in July and are excited to see what August holds.

A few of our highlighted transactions are below:

$1,350,000 for 6,262 SF of Office Space 


For June of 2020, Price Edwards & Company had a total of 29 transactions. We had a total sales volume of $4,394,000 and we leased a total of 58,852 SF. We are thankful for this past month of transactions and are looking forward to what all July brings! Please see a few of our highlighted transactions below!

$2,365,000 for 100-Unit Apartment Complex


BOK Park Plaza building has selected Price Edwards & Company to lease the preeminent office building in Oklahoma City.  Opened in January of 2018, the 27-story, 663,297 square foot building has a LEED Gold certification. The building overlooks the Myriad Gardens and Scissortail Park and provides 360-degree views of Oklahoma City.  On-site garages provide parking for over 1,600 vehicles.



The future of commercial real estate is going to go through significant experiential and experimental changes in the next decade. From the standard C-store to the top of the line convenience food service and gasoline facility to shopping malls, inline centers, five-star dining facilities and everything in between. It will all be affected. However, I see medical care facilities becoming a major influencer in commercial investment real estate. And, I am not talking about hospitals. I am talking about urgent care and emergency care facilities.


It is easy to assume that co-working spaces will suffer greatly due to Covid-19. Social distancing has made gathering in large groups come to a halt, and co-working spaces can be a breeding ground for germs- especially if you share your specific workstation.


However, as restrictions ease up, will those who frequented co-working spaces return? Will owners of the co-working spaces remodel the space to be more social distancing friendly? A simple one-word answer to both questions is yes.



Sitting here looking out my home office window, it is hard to believe how much our world has changed in the last sixty days.  There has been a pervasive shock to the cosmic consciousness as we’ve watched the stock market seek its bottom, the government pay out trillions of borrowed monies, skyrocketing unemployment and some of our fellow citizens suffering and dying alone, all the while people in America are making facial masks an everyday part of our lives   And the oil industry, well at current pricing, I should trade my spare room full of toilet paper


The pandemic has affected nearly every human being and business, on earth, in some form or fashion and the commercial real estate industry has certainly been affected if not clobbered.  The hardest hit sectors are hotels, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues such as bowling alleys, movie theaters, live performances and casinos. Spring is the most popular time for weddings, thus those venues have virtually been shut down for the foreseeable future.


The scientific consensus is that climate change will touch all our lives in the 21st century.  Because commercial buildings and their construction currently account for about 39% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions and project a continued growth at 2% per annum, commercial real estate can be of service in solving this problem.  


Let's face the facts. You don't have to be sitting (or standing) in the office to be productive. Employers today are offering their employees' more meaningful choices in how, when, and where work is conducted. Today's workers can be productive from any location using any device, and no longer want to be constrained by fixed workplaces. According to Flexjobs, within the next five years, 44% of workers in the United States will access corporate office networks remotely.