McAfee & Taft Office Renovation Complete

December 23rd, 2009

Price Edwards & Company recently completed the renovation of the law offices of McAfee & Taft, Oklahoma City’s largest law firm. The approximate $3,000,000 construction project was performed in 16 phases over 20 months with all professional staff in place during the job.

The scope of work included installation of a new interior stairwell, the addition of structural beams to support new filing systems, the installation of a new glass wall in the main reception area, new carpet, new paint, new lighting, new kitchen areas, and the upgrading of reception areas on each of the four floors at Leadership Square in downtown Oklahoma City.

According to Richard D. Nix “The Price Edwards team did a phenomenal job and we at McAfee & Taft could not be more pleased”.

According to Ray McNeely, Vice President of Construction for Price Edwards & Company “In my 30 years of construction experience, this was probably the most complicated tenant job I have ever performed. Retrofitting roughly 100,000 square feet of space with the absolute requirement that we maintain a proper business environment for the law firm to perform their work for clients was an incredible challenge.”

Caleb McNeely served as on-site job superintendent and added "The folks at McAfee & Taft were wonderful to work with, and our vendors understood this was a unique job. I am very happy with how it turned out”.