July 4th Musings

Written by Jim Parrack, Senior Vice President
July 6th, 2022

Happy 4th of July to everyone – belatedly – hope everyone had a great Holiday! The 4th of July is a good time to reflect on the country and our place in it. It’s probably an understatement to say that there is so much uncertainty (polite way of saying anger, division, etc) out there right now with regard to the economy, politics, and our country’s social fabric (especially if you are on Twitter!). So many people don’t see a positive way out of where we are….a good friend of mine truly believes that the United States will ultimately divide into several countries because of current divisions.

Those of you that know me, know that I have a cynical streak. But, I am and have always been incredibly sure of this: the United States and Oklahoma City are the best of the best and have an incredibly bright future. This is not a view through rose-colored glasses…there are massive issues we need to deal with that start with January 6th, race relations, abortion but include the more mundane (?) education, health care, trust in Government. Just this short list seems insurmountable.

But, we’ve been here before. The 60’s & 70’s were probably the most tumultuous time in our country…riots, lines at gas stations, overt racism, threat of nuclear war….people forget what it was like (I would like to point out that I was very! young during this period). But, we figured it out. And we will again.

I know social media makes things must more immediate, direct…and ugly. But, what sets our country apart is this….we can talk about anything we want to talk about…we can disagree…we can argue….this is what freedom means. It’s not always pretty, and we don’t always like the results, but it allows us to accomplish things not thought possible.

So why the optimism? Our young people. I’ve had the privilege of meeting, making friends with (and occasionally mentoring), a lot of young people…..my daughters, Leadership OKC’s LOYAL classes, our young brokers and property managers, ULI members, and so many others. I believe in them, I trust them. They will not let America down. It won’t be the exact America it is now, it will be different and better, just like every generation so far. Can’t wait to see it, can’t wait to be part of it.